The Law of Office of Randy Cubriel is committed to advising business clients on general legal issues and governmental affairs.


Corporate and Commercial Law

We can help you get your business idea off the ground, as well as help mature your business as it grows.  Whether it is the formation of your business entity and the drafting of bylaws and operating agreements, or more day-to-day operational needs like drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, and more, we look forward to meeting your business needs.


Government and Public Affairs

When your business interests become affected by government action or inaction, we can help you navigate the complex waterways of federal, state, and local government.  We can represent your needs before the U.S. Congress and Texas Legislature, as well as the many federal and state agencies that regulate your business.  We can even help you take part in the political process by helping you and your employees to participate in the electoral process by forming and operating a Political Action Committee.


We can also help your business with its public affairs.  We can create a media strategy or issue management campaign that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.  We can also counsel you through crisis situations that demand swift but thoughtful action.

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